Friday Night Salsa

Friday Night Salsa Parties at Greenlight: Every Friday night is FUN night at Greenlight! From 8:15pm - 9:00pm there is a
FREE Salsa with Patrick 45-minute crash-course lesson for absolute beginners to equip them with the basics to allow them to join in the party immediately! It’s simple, exhilarating and clean fun for all!

From 9:00pm to midnight our DJ plays the party music which draws in international dancers as well as local salsa dancers creating an amazing positive and uplifting vibe!

From 09:00 pm (21:00) – 12:00 am (00:00) we get together to dance and have a great time.

For those wishing to learn, we have a quick 45 minute beginner’s class that starts at 08:15 pm (20:15), taught by Patrick before the party starts.

History of Salsa on Samui

Patrick, the owner of Elysia Boutique Resort and Greenlight Cafe & Bar started learning salsa from his amazingly talented Cuban teacher (Ivan Sardenas) in Japan in 1999. After learning for over a decade in Japan he move to Samui and began collaborating with the original founder of Salsa Samui (Talitha) to hold regular weekly salsa parties since late December 2011. After Talitha left Samui in early 2012, Patrick moved the regular weekly parties from its original venue at Easy Bar, which was very supportive of the fledging salsa community, to Greenlight Cafe & Bar located inside Elysia Boutique Resort. We have many original students who have remained big supporters of the newly revitalised salsa community.

Come try this out !

1-Week Beginners Salsa
with Patrick Crash Course for Men

Three 60-minute lessons in the same week for men ONLY. The course is to be completed WITHIN a week! Pat has created this new course due to popular demand from both MEN and ladies due to a lack of male dancers at parties! This intensive 1-week course is aimed to teach MEN, both locals and visitors to Samui, the maximum amount of basics and salsa moves in the shortest time possible, allowing them to confidently join salsa parties either on Koh Samui, or back in their respective home countries.

Price: THB 1,500 per person (for 3 lessons)
Lesson Days: Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday
(afternoon or early evening and subject to slight change * Please enquire)
Location: The Hub, Elysia Boutique Resort

At the end of the course you can choose to repeat another week to reinforce what you've learned, OR, you can choose to join our regular salsa lessons with another teacher held on Thursday evenings and Sunday evenings!

Regular Salsa Lessons
(Thursdays & Sundays)

Twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays we also offer regular 60-minute salsa lessons with our talented and experienced instructor, Valerie Alken, for those keen to improve their skills, learn new ones ready to show them off at our Friday Night Salsa Party at Greenlight Cafe & Bar located only 10 meters away! Valerie was a professional dancer performing in shows and events around the world and is well versed in several dance forms such as salsa, bachata, kizomba, rumba and samba. Whether you're a local or a tourist visiting Samui who has secretly wanted to try salsa dance at least once, take advantage of the lessons we offer and make it happen!

Price: THB 350 (drop in class)
THB 1,400 (5 classes)
THB 2,500 (10 classes = 1 full course)
THB 4,000 (20 classes = couple or 2 full courses)
Lesson Days & Program
Thursday: 7:00pm Ladies Styling
8:00pm Bachata
Sundays: 5:00pm Beginners
6:00pm Improvers
7:00pm Intermediate /Advanced
(Style: Cuban Salsa - Please note that subject to availability)
Location: The Hub, Elysia Boutique Resort

(Sun: 8:00pm-10:00pm) "NEW!!! Starting Nov 02, 2019!

Open to everyone! This is a NEW opportunity for anybody who wants to just practice their moves, or just dance! "Sunday Social" is NOT a structured lesson or an official salsa party, but 2 hours of constant salsa & bachata music streaming to which you can either just dance your heart away if you're already a dancer, or take your time to practice new moves that you may have just learned in the previous lesson with a fellow student. Think of it like a salsa gym, where you can just work on whatever you want at your own pace. If you're completely new to salsa, somebody might even offer to teach you the basics so you can join in! Drinks and food available from Greenlight Cafe & Bar right next door. Feel free to chill out, eat & drink in the Atrium area in front of The Hub. Please, no food or drinks inside the Hub.

Price: THB 300 per person (drop in Social dancers)
Sundays: 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Music: Mainly Cuban salsa music and bachata
Please note that subject to availability
Location: The Hub, Elysia Boutique Resort
Starting: November 03, 2019

Salsa Session with Pat