The Elysia Weekend Reset Package

Price: THB 10,990 (USD 345) per person

Includes: accommodation | breakfast & dinner | wellness consultation | yoga | ozone sauna treatment | far-infrared sauna | massage | detox shakes | free salsa lesson & party

Come and Enjoy a luxuriant reset at Elysia Boutique Resort, supervised by our Wellness Consultant Alister Bredee D.HH, D.NC M.D.

  • Arrive and enjoy a healthy herbal detox shake to set you up for the morning.
  • Follow on with a Wellness Consultation with Alister Bredee using the amazing NLS Scanning device "The Metatron." This is followed up by a written report complete with recommendations.
  • Time now for a luxuriant massage to ease away the stresses and strains of the day.
  • Let's take this one step further with a soothing Far Infra-red sauna. This boosts the lymphatic system.
  • You should be floating on cloud nine by now so let' add another ingredient an Ozone Treatment. This boosts the body to release toxins galore.
  • You should be feeling so relaxed you want to have a siesta but before that, it's time for another detox shake.
  • Relax by the pool or if you have decided to stay the night with us relax in your comfortable air conditioned room.
  • Time for another delicious detox shake.
  • Feeling rested, it's time for stretching in a yoga class.
  • The day has begun to cool down so this is an ideal opportunity for a walk on the beach and a dip in the pristine blue sea.
  • You should be feeling hungry now, so come to the Greenlight Cafe and tuck into a delicious vegetarian dinner.
  • Come stay at Elysia on a Friday night and enjoy the exciting salsa party. Can't matter you can attend a free class to set you on your way.
  • Enjoy a restful night's sleep and an ample breakfast the next morning before checking out and wending on your way.
  • The inclusive package is THB 10,990 (USD 345) per person. with accommodation Now you can't say better than that!
    You don't want to stay, what a pity! Then the package price is 8,000 THB.

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